How can I scrape data from Yellow Pages and Google Maps?

How Can I Scrape Data From Google Maps And Yellow Pages Without Coding?

Google Maps and Yellow Pages are probably the most well-known business directories, you can search and find your targeted prospects easily. Searching the required business information is quite easy however manually copy-pasting the data from Google Maps and Yellow Pages to CSV/Excel takes a lot of effort.
There are many web scraping tools available on the market that can automate the process of extracting data from Yellow Pages and Google Maps to excel files. One of these data scraping tools is Google Map Extractor and Anysite Scraper by Ahmad Software Technologies. The feature that makes them different from other web crawling tools is that they work as a real user. They will open Google Maps and Yellow Pages where users can manually search and also apply any filters etc. When the results are shown just click a button and these data mining tools will open each business that appeared in search results and extract and save data in an excel file. You don’t need to learn any programming skills to use these business scraping tools.
These business information finders can scrape the following details from Google Maps and Yellow Pages.
Business Name
Telephone/Mobile Number
Full Address
Website Link
Other Links
Image URLs
The longitude and much more…


What Are The Features Of Google Map Extractor?

Find and Get Business Data BY Zip Code and Business Name
The Google Maps Scraper automatically identifies business data from Google Maps, just enter the business name and get data, no configuration required. You can find and collect business data by business name, zip code, and, location also.
Scrape Full Details Of a Business
Any content that can be viewed on business can be scraped by using this Google Maps Crawler, such as phone number, fax number, business name, business address, social media links, business hours, latitude, longitude, reviews, and ratings, etc.
Extract & Export Data
Download your scraped data in various formats, such as Excel, CSV, and Text files for later use.
Scheduled Scraping
You can schedule your scraping tasks according to your time.
Anybody Can Use it
The Google Maps Lead Extractor has a user-friendly interface. So that, everyone can use it easily even if he doesn’t have any knowledge about coding.

Features Of Anysite Scraper

Scrape Data From Many Websites Without Coding
If you want to save your hundreds of hours and the money invested in hiring a team for this task then you should try scraper? Anysite Web Crawler is very easy to use and you can scrape data from many websites with just a click of a button and you don’t need any programming skills to use it.
Scrape Data From Different Variety Of Websites
The Anysite Web Scraper can scrape emails and phone numbers from different social media, business directories, and, e-commerce websites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, OLX, Ali Express, and many more websites you want to scrape.
Scrape Different Types Of Data
Any content that can be viewed on a Web-Page can be scraped, such as Text, Image URL, Email address, Location, Fax Number, Phone number, etc.
Auto Pagination
Data Miner behaves as if you were clicking on the page yourself in your own browser but extraction is a hundred times faster than human. You don’t need to paginate the next page, the web grabber automatically goes to the next page and scrapes data. It means if you are scraping data from Yellow Pages, the Yellow Pages Scraper automatically goes to the next pages and extracts data from these pages.
Build Your Own Scraper for different websites
You can build your own scraper by using it such as a Facebook scraper, Amazon scraper, Twitter scraper, etc.
Support File Download
The Web Contact Extractor has an option to save extracted data in different usable and readable formats like Excel and CSV files. It means you can save and download data.
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